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Research and Publications


  • Martin, L., Swan, S. C., & Pomerantz, J. B. (In Press). All Access is Local: Intimate Partner Violence, Civil Protection Orders, and Access to Justice. Law and Social Inquiry. 

  • Pomerantz, J. B., Cohen, S. J., Doychak, K., & Raghavan, C. (2021). Linguistic Indicators of Coercive Control: Evidenced in Sex Trafficking Narratives. Violence and Gender. 

  • Swan, S. C., Pomerantz, J. B., Fisher, B. S., & Lasky, N. V. (2020). A Conceptual Overview of Drugging: It’s Not What You Think. In R. Geffner, V. Vieth, V. Vaughan-Eden, A. Rosenbaum, L. K. Hamberger, & J. White (Eds.), Handbook of Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan (pp. 1–21). Springer International Publishing. 

  • Swan, S., Pomerantz, J. B., Fisher, B., Lasky, N., & Wallace, A. (2020) Why do people drug others? Using the theory of coercive action to understand the motives of druggers. Manuscript in progress. 

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